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Avira free antivirus 2016 download free of charge in Russian
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компоненты защиты Avira Free AntivirusPopular free antivirus

Avira is a free and reliable antivirus that can protect your computer from most known attacks and viruses. Avira is the development of a German company, has become a very popular defense tool in Western countries and even us.

Главное окно Avira Free AntivirusAvira Antivirus distinguished the following possibilities:

  • A huge base of viruses, with constant updating.
  • Identification of harmful programs with signatures. So Avira can identify the virus, even if he's not in the database.
  • Blocking of fraudulent programmes and Adware (real superstructures).

Настройки Avira Free AntivirusAvira works real time, checking all the files and processes that are launched. The internet activity, downloaded sites and downloadable files are checked. For most users, this is a well-reliable protection that can protect most of the threats. Avira is considered a reliable means to ensure the confidentiality of information, and he recognizes virtually all known types of trojans and spies that are designed to steal passwords, documents and other personal information.

new Avira Free Antivirus 2016 Particular emphasis is placed on the protection of mobile devices. When you're installed, you can choose the necessary protection components for Android or iOS, dropbox client, browser.

Status Free D Windows Vista/XP, 7, 8, 10 Programme category Site of developer
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