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Avg antivirus free for android
Как установить AVG AntiVirus

The free antivirus AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android protects smartphones or tablets in real time, allows remote location of the device and locks it in case of theft or loss of life

AVG AntiVirus FREE - free mobile antivirus that protects Android devices against harmful applications and viruses.

The antivirus allows for the removal of confidential data and the management of applications and the remote management of the telephone via web interface or SMS messages in the event of theft or loss, the location on Google Maps cards.

The new and updated version is designed to improve convenience and simple management, so the protection of your mobile Androids has become even easier and more user-friendly.

AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android

♪ Testing of applications, construction, files and SD cards in real time.
♪ Allows the location of your lost or stolen smartphone or tablet via Google Maps using the AVG Mobilation web portal.
:: Location / erasing data on the device to protect your confidential data.
♪ Completion of tasks that slow down your mobile device.
♪ Safe and reliable web page views on the Internet.
• Monitoring the state of batteries, the free space on Android and the use of mobile Internet.

With free antivirus AVG for Androids, you receive effective and simple protection against viruses and malnourished software, and real-time scanner of applications, telephone locker, process manager, password blocking tool and local data cleansing tool for Android systems to protect your personal data. The real-time scanner protects against threats during the downloading of apps or games on your smartphone or planchette.

Mobile antivirus AVG AntiVirus FREE also:

♪ Protects against harmful applications, viruses and spies.
♪ May filter and block unnecessary challenges and SMS messages.
♪ Determines unprotected devices and corrects them.
♪ Helps ensure the safety of contacts, mortgages and text messages.
♪ Checks the media files for harmful software and security threats.
♪ Protects the Android system from fisding attacks.
♪ Maybe it's planned for launch every day, weekly or on request.

AVG basic capabilities AntiVirus FREE Android

Anti-Wor and location

♪ Find a lost or stolen mobile phone and get help finding it through Google cards.
♪ Turn off the GPS on Androids and send its location coordinates.
♪ Remote locking of a smartphone or tablet via the AVG Mobilation web portal or via text message.
♪ Remote laundry of contents on the telephone or SD card
♪ Installation of a message on the screen to help find the phone.
♪ Turn the bell on the device, even if it's not sound.

Safe Internet

♪ Internet search, online purchase and use of social networks with reliable physinga protection and web threats.
♪ Screening of websites to block harmful resources. If a suspicious URL address is detected, you'll be redirected to the Safe Page.

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