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Why isn't avast antivirus?
Информация о работе экранов в

Avast! Free Antivirus is free antivirus avast and free anti-spion, real-time protection. Is this anti-virus solution effective for the user? There are not many alternatives in the free market.

- Antiviral and anti-Spione core
♪ Real-time protection
♪ Avast's base! Community IQ
♪ Study of malicious attitudes in vulnerable networks
♪ Intelligent means of testing avast! Intelligent Scanner
♪ Intelligent updates of avasta viral bases
- Automatic/play mode
♪ Equipment of the file system (inspecting all the files and programs on your computer in real time)
♪ E-mail screen (checking and scanning all incoming and outgoing postal programmes)
♪ Web ecran (analyzing all your actions on websites and preventing any threats before your browser notices them)
♪ Ekran P2P (following downloads of most file exchange programmes, neutralizing all risks)
♪ Internet chat screen (recovers all downloads of programmes for instant communication and checks on viruses)
♪ Network screen (control of network activity and blocks viruses trying to infect the system through the network)
♪ Ethics of conduct (short system for suspicious actions)
♪ Scenario screen (covering all scenarios in the system)
Updated 6th antivirus avast! Free Antivirus includes a new module avast! WebRep, which allows a reputation rating for all websites you visit and for web search results. The module is integrated into the browser so you can look at the ratings in real time.

аваст отзывыThat's all you can read on the manufacturer's website. It would seem like a bad antiviral defense for a personal home computer. But practice says otherwise. Avast is a sin that will pass through dangerous software, endangering your computer. Pretty often after Avasta, you have to treat the virus computer. Another case of curing:

Not much? Before we checked, we completely cleaned Temp and Temporary Internet Files, and it affected the result. Using Avast's free antivirus, don't forget to check the system from time to time with Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2011, or Utilities free of charge. Dr.Web CureIt!

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