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Every user has an interest in ensuring that his computer is as secure as possible from infiltration of viruses and espionage programmes. In the search for the most reliable antiviral programme, users have placed on the PK what their friends/ familiar/multiful professionals have advised them. It is often that several antiviral applications are made on the computer. As a result of this user error, the operating system may become unstable, if not " falling " . By choosing antivirus, special attention should be paid to the Avira AntiVir Personal programme. This software is highly productive and is often updated to ensure timely detection of viruses. Your data will always be protected.

The programme ' s interface is strictly universal and is clear and clear. The control panel is located side by side, and a dialogue window is located at the centre by which the user can keep abreast of all developments. The annex shall be easily tailored to the needs of any user, allowing automatic scanning at the right time. The installation of Avira passes quickly and without problems. The software developers recommend that Windows Defender be removed if fitted to the PK. This is aimed at stabilizing the work of the computer and avoiding the possibility of a PIC conflict. When installed, the user is requested to establish a control panel. Of course, this tool is an important part of the antivirus, but it is worth noting that, together with the recommended toolbox, you will also set up an advertising module.

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