Internet Antivirus Free

Comodo internet security best antivirus protection free of charge
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Known and listed files and applications that are safe for your PC are easily recognized and opened in your PC.

Protection based on prevention

Brandmower and Antivirus are engaged to stop the viruses and the mallware before they enter the PK.

Auto Sandbox technology

Sandbox is a virtual operating environment for unreliable programmes that ensures the complete isolation of viruses and harmful programmes from the rest of your computer.

Personal protection signals

Brandmower shall instantly accept the rules you set for downloading the programmes and set their signals according to your requirements.

Screening of spy programmes

Scenario Scener detects and cleans harmful infections in the register and on PK disks

Blast antivirus

An antivirus round scanner defines a harmful file even if the user has no recent data on the virus

Common conduct analysis

The cloud analysis system instantly defines the zero-day mall

System of cloud white lists

The cloud whitelist system easily determines the safe status of the file and publisher

Veb-practice filtering

Our SecureDNS service will help you stay out of danger online by checking out the black list of dangerous Web pages in real time and cautioning you when trying to connect with them.

Play mode

Stop operations such as warnings, antiviral updates or scanning that may prevent the user during the computer game

Annex management

Makes it possible for users to block the PK for the use of safe applications only

Virus scans in one form

Make sure your computer's clean one of the keys.

Non-threatening excess, light in the use of the interface

Allows Brandmower to look at the various roles

Full Protection Master

Pre-implemented protections for the simple installation " Show and Press "

A unique slider that allows the current level of protection

Switch between the structures that reflect your preference for the level of protection at this time.

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