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Avast's free antivirus provides basic but very effective protection for your computer. Incorporate a search for PNEs in the screen settings and include the Enhanced Regime (Agressive). Don't forget to regularly develop into the MONT launch a complete scan of the system.

However, to further protect the system, you can use a number of additional programmes that do not conflict with. Avast antivirusbut supplement its protection.

Set these two programs:
(1) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free (www.malwarebytes.com)
(2) HitmanPro. On site 3 different programmes from the manufacturer, download exactly the HitmanPro scanner.
First program is free scanner, in Detection and Protection, put a box on Scan for rootkits. You need to update manually, pushing Update now in the main window of the scanner. On a daily basis, update and launch a quick test (just press a big green button in the Main window). Scan a quick check every day before you turn off the computer. ATTENTION! When the program is installed at the end, you will be asked to activate the trial (trial) 30-day period of use of the integrated Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO-SHITES from it by removing the box.
Second program is a cloud scanner. Scans fast, five minutes, on average. The scanner's fee-paying, which means scanning and finding free for as long as it takes, and then removing what you found for a fee. But by activating a free license, you'll get a month free removal of the threats you found. But what he's scanning and finding is that he's writing the DGE, so evil programs can be manually removed: Scan every day before you turn off the computer. ATTENTION! When installed, don't activate a probe free 30-day license if the scanner finds anything.

In the browser (except the Extrerera Internet), provide free expansion of Adguard Antibanner (either from the expansion store or from the site.)

Run and scan the free Dr.Web CureIt system once a month! The program needs to be downloaded every time.

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