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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

AVG Protection Free with free antivirus AVG FREE allows the protection, productivity and confidentiality of all your devices (Windows, Mac and Android) to be controlled by your PC.

AVG Protection Free enables the installation and monitoring of AVG products on all your computers with Windows operating system and Android control devices, or the tracking of the ventor's decisions already made.

Among the applications supported: integrated antivirus, free antivirus, system optimization and recycling to protect confidential data.

It's not hard to control antivirus on one computer, but what if you have a few devices? How do you track safety on all computers in the family? AVG Zen's free disposal allows you to monitor the safety status of all your Windows and Mac computers and Android devices.

AVG Protection Free

When AVG Protection Free is installed on the computer, the program helps you establish free protection against the computer. AVG AntiVirus FREE for Windowsa tool for optimizing the AVG PC Tuneup system and free AVG Web TuneUp. In a month, if you never decided to order a product, AVG PC Tuneup loses an extended function. You can use AVG Zen free to monitor existing AVG product installations. AVG Safe Surf is also available for payment.

When installed in Android, Zen will call for AVG AntiVirus FREE and free AVG Cleaner for Android. You can also identify Free antivirus AVG AntiVirus for Mac.

The main window AVG Zen shows all protected devices in horizontal orientation. If you have a lot of devices, just do the right and left to look at them. There are four large buttons on the main screen. The button computer is called Protectiveness, Productivity, Safe Surf and Web Tuneup. On the Android device, you will see the defense, the production, the confidentiality and the protection against theft.

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