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Avast mobile security for android
Free Antivirus Avast!

Avast Mobile Security is a full mobile free antivirus, firewall, SMS and calls filter, web protection, anti-return for your Android smartphone or remote control function via SMS Command or Internet web portal

Avast Mobile Security protects personal data with automatic testing of viruses and warnings of harmful URLs, blocks hackers through a built-in firewall. Anti-war's function supports remote commands through the SMS and allows: to remove the story on the device, to block the phone, activate the siren, track the location with GPS, perform audio-monitoring and other useful actions.

Closely integrated in Avast Mobile Security, Avast Anti-Theft is one of the most efficient in the market. Previously known as Theft Aware, the component was recommended by leading industry experts: T-Mobile, N-TV, AndroidPIT and Android Police.

Avast Free Mobile Security is free and provides a number of functions that are not accessible in lead products. The Confidentiality Report, the SMS and calls filter, the application manager and the remote control of the telephone helps the free antivirus Avast for Android to take the lead in comprehensive protection and complete control of your Android facility.

Avast Mobile Security for Android

♪ Antiviral scanner. The antivirus conducts checks at the request of the specified annexes and contents of the SD card and scans real time during the first launch of the annexes. Includes scanning functions, updating of antiviral bases, removal of applications, removal of files, and sending reports to Avast Laboratory on false and positive action.

Security Adviser - Report on confidentiality. Avast Free Mobile Security scans systems and shows the right of access to Android applications, identifying potential confidentiality risks. So you will have the information that an annex receives.

Telephone and SMS♪ Films calls and text messages from the list of contacts using a set of filtering parameters: days of the week, time of start and time of end. The blocked calls are translated into voice mail and the blocked messages are stored in the filter log. Avast Free Mobile Security for Androids also blocks outgoing calls.

♪ Application management. Like Windows, the Windows Dispatch shows the list of applications launched and their size (MB), the level of downloading of the processor, the memory and the number of flows and services, with the ability to stop and remove processes.

Web protection♪ Avast WebRep. Avast's Web defense for Android checks every URL-search you're uploading, warning if it's harmful. The new function of SiteCorrect reveals the most typical errors in the recruitment of URL links and allows you to be redirected to the website you intended to visit.

• Brandmower. A hacker-protected firewall and online threats to a cell phone. Disconnects access to Internet applications when the phone is connected to the Wi-Fi, 3G or Rouming network.

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