Free Antivirus For Laptop

Rolling free antivirus eset smart security
скачать макафи антивирус
ESET Smart Security - пробная версия бесплатно

ESET Smart Security - prototype free of charge

ESET Smart Security is the latest version of a better integrated antivirus with multi-layer technology.

Smart Security covers several components: The antivirus NOD 32 itself, the anti-spams, the anti-spion system, the physin and the firewall, plus the refined function of "mother control."

For the owners of the laptops, the new function of Antivor is to protect your computer not only from virtual threats, but also from real thieves. In order to track the location of the stolen laptop, it is sufficient to enter the NOD32 site under the Anti-Theft section and display the current location of the laptop identified by the surrounding WiFi networks.

New functions in ESET Smart Security NOD32

Better protection against viruses is a complete antivirus for a month.

♪ Control function. Allows us to limit the replication to the film media, which prevents the spread of viruses.

Improved intelligence scanning system.

♪ Explosion system. Antivirus can detect potential threats and block them in advance.

Improved free firewall allows for the management of IP addresses blacklists and blocking DDOS attacks.

♪ Advanced defense against the finish. Your data won't fall into hands.

Accelerated antivirus protection unit checks the computer at the time of installation.

- Improved compatibility with Windows 8. Now SmartSecurity 7 is the best antivirus for Windows 8. The improved interaction of NOD 2 with Windows 8 has significantly improved the productivity of the system.

Protection areas of ESET NOD32 Smart Security 7.0

♪ Real-time computer protection
- User document protection function
♪ Proactive Protection System (HIPS)
♪ The game regime is to increase PK productivity during the game.
- Protection of anti-spion and anti-cute.


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