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Symantec Endpoint Protection

Do our buyers like gifts? Of course they do. Do we love our buyers? Yeah, we love them. It is therefore always a pleasure to give them a new surprise, especially in the run-up to New Year. This time we decided to take care of health. The health of the laptops you buy from us.

To carry out this mission, NOTIC selected Dr.Web for Windows, one of the best antiviruses of Doctor Web, our partner, producing high-quality modern computer-protection products using their own technological development.

Страница скачивания антивирусов сайта «Доктор Веб» 12 December each buyer of laptop POTIC gets it. gift Dr. Web's registration serial number for Windows, enabling him to protect his laptop from viruses throughout the period 365 days

This antivirus is a recognized leader in the treatment of active infections with exceptional viral resistance, it detects and neutralizes harmful objects on hard drives, external media and operational memory, checks the incoming and outgoing correspondence, protects the post from mass mailings, checks on demand and the individual user schedule. Dr.Web ' s Windows service programme provides for regular updates of virus bases and provision of technical support services.

Dr.Web for Windows protects systems with established Windows operating systems, including 32-bit Windows 7 (Support of 64-bit Windows 7 is planned from early 2010).

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