Rolling Antivirus Test Version

Bitdefender antivirus plus
Похожее: Бах концерт ля минор

главное окно программы Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013Protects computers from viruses, espionage and harmful programmes, visits to dangerous websites, physics and online fraud.

The antivirus provides real-time protection, monitors the behaviour of different processes to address unknown viruses and threats. If the program is switched on autopilot mode Antivirus itself will make decisions and act without bothering the user.

Vulnerability scanners check the system for outdated programmes that reduce the system ' s safety and identify potentially dangerous system designs.

On the Internet, antivirus blocks visits to fraudulent and fiscal websites that seek information on credit cards and bank accounts, and prevents the diversion of personal data. The program checks the references you receive on Facebook and Twitter social media and controls the confidentiality parameters, and the Google and Bing search sites are also checked.

Antivirus BitDefender has Windows-witness for a desk that can provide information on antivirus and safety.

обзор модулей антивирусной программы параметры антивируса

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