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Roll the sample avast for 30 days
Антивирус Avira Antivirus

Скачать антивирус аваст на год бесплатноAnd even though the free version of Avast is not the same as the feeble versions (avast, Internet Security and avast! The programme is continuously updated to provide even greater protection.

In its work, Free Antivirus protects e-mail and computer from intrusion of harmful software via the Internet. If a global account network is to be paid, it is recommended that a comprehensive version of the antivirus with a firewall be purchased, as free of charge may not provide sufficient reliability.

The program protects against viruses and various espionage applications. One of Avast ' s features is the use of special sensors that monitor the file structure, network activity and registry keys. If there is any suspicious activity, the antivirus shall notify the user.

Another function of the programme is SandBox. It can trigger an annex in an isolated environment.
The programme includes an updated core that detects potentially undesirable or spy software, as well as viruses and other possible threats.

Avast is constantly updating the antiviral base. Programme sensors send information on unknown viruses to the processing centre. It is therefore possible to effectively detect pencils and other types of threats, as they are also updated and often new. Bilateral and crypt harmful programmes are also easily detected.

If the virus isn't in the Avast database, it doesn't mean it doesn't block it. The new core of the programme can also protect against threats that are not identified in a credible manner.

Another useful function is to check the hard drive before loading the operating system. This enables the handling of viruses that are active and invincible after loading the system.

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