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AVG AntiVirus Free Edition

AVG Free AntiVirus is a free version of the popular Windows antivirus from the Czech company AVG Technologies. The function of free AVG antivirus will be sufficient to provide the basic protection of your operating system, and the fact that this antiviral product is relatively low in the consumption of system resources.


In addition to the free version of the AVG antivirus, there is also a fee-paying version, and more specifically two versions that are slightly different in terms of functionality and prices, AVG AntiVirus and AVG Internet Security. The question arose immediately, and what version was best protected by the computer, the issue was more rhetorical, as many users had already responded positively to it in favour of a feeble version. Many are used to think that if antivirus is free (the approval can be attributed to any software product, not only the antivirus), it protects it much worse or no use. Such people are staggered by the fact that what, to say, is the benefit of producers from the production of a free product and, based on this logic, are quite sceptical about such free decisions.

In favour of free antivirus, it should be recalled by sceptical users that free antivirus products are usually produced by non-separate users who have decided to show the world their own free produce. free antivirus creativity, and such products are the result of very large campaigns with a large number of data protection professionals. In addition, often such large campaigns, including AVG, other than free versions, always have paid decisions of their products, in this case AVG AntiVirus and AVG Internet Security, which in turn generate profits. As an example, products such as Avira Free Antivirus and avast can be cited here. Free Antivirus, which is free antivirus products, with the same antiviruses being paid.

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