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AVG AntiVirus Free is one of the most popular free antiviral products with all the necessary tools for the timely and quality protection of computers and systems against all known and emerging threats. This annex includes such components as:

  • Antivirus and Antispion (AntiVirus, Anti-Spyware) - Provides strong protection against viruses, trojans, worms, potentially undesirable programmes, spy modules, advertising and other harmful software.
  • Anti-Rootkit - It is possible to find the handles that are hidden in the system or masked under other applications.
  • Resident Shield is a background scan tool for all files with which the system currently operates.
  • Identity Protection is a component to protect personal data that will prevent the theft of personal and private information (logins, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.).
  • E-mail scanner (E-mail Scanner) is a complete verification of all incoming and outgoing correspondence using any mail customer.
  • LinkScanner is protection against Internet attacks in daily surf when you seek the information you need or visit the resources of the world web.
  • PC Analyzer A comprehensive computer analysis that detects problems in the registry, errors of fragmentation, finds debris files, etc., that will help you optimize the system ' s speed and release an additional seat on the disks.

It is worth noting that the viral bases of this complex antiviral solution are updated several times a day, so no new pest will remain unnoticed for AVG AntiVirus Free. In addition, this free antivirus is fast-track, very moderate to consuming PK resources, allowing full operation without prejudice to other applications, even weak machines.

So, with AVG AntiVirus Free, you'll be fully protected when you work on the computer, ensuring maximum security against all possible threats that harbour you with daily active use of SC.

  • New SMB software updates implemented
  • Problem with plastic Outlook - Possibility of removing infected e-mail investments
  • Optimization of installation
  • VForce UTM and Link Scanner issues addressed
AVG AntiVirus Free:

AVG AntiVirus Free


This, uh, mildly speaking, the "nothing program" destroyed my operating system for the second time.

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