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Avast! 2016 11.1.2253
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avast! 2016 11.1.2253

There's an update for the popular antivirus avast!

In this update:

  • New firewall drive for Windows 8 and 10. This eliminates the problem where the firewall could not work;
  • The start-up of SecureLine by the new OpenVPN method is accelerated;
  • Postal signatures are simplified;
  • The shipment of the password list has increased;
  • Problems with the installation of Brauzer SafeZone were addressed;
  • Brauser SafeZone has been added an expansion to protect against chinch;
  • Browser SafeZone corrected the breakdown of payments;
  • In Brauzer SafeZone, the constructions and layings are synchronized with the payment regime.

avast! The home version of the programme will be particularly attractive, which, if available, is distributed entirely free of charge. The standard capacity of the programme is provided by a standard set of antiviral cores, scanners, resident protection; update system; quarantine; virtualization module (sheet); P2P/IM shield; Internet shield against attacks from outside and worms.

avast! is produced in four versions with the same antiviral core and different functionality. The Free Antivirus version includes the main function and is distributed free of charge. Avast version! Pro Antivirus, additional to the functionality of a free version, includes the SafeZone module to protect bank transactions. Avast version! Internet Security includes firewalls and spam protection. The Premier version is the most functionally saturated product in avast line of antiviruses and, in addition to the main function, includes the non-returning of files and the expanded function of updating the side programmes and remote access.

Roll avast! Free Antivirus (160 Mb, Free)
Roll avast! Pro Antivirus (198 Mb, Probe Version)
Roll avast! Internet Security (216 Mb, Probed version)

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