Roll Free And Set Up Avast Antivirus

Avast business security 12.1.2512 (nitro update) download
Скачать антивирус авира

Avast Business Security is a free antivirus for business (in the Free version) without limiting the number of protected computers/servers. Incorporate the exposed management console, Windows, Mac OSX and Windows Server servers

Avast Business Security (Avast for business) is the future of corporate security: unlimited location and time cloud protection of all corporate network (computers, Macs and servers) against all types of harmful software, spam, physinga, hacker attacks, etc.

The intuitive console allows for the activation, installation or disconnection of real-time protection in the minutes considered, without the need to attract specialists, and always to be aware of the status of corporate network protection through notifications and automatically generated reports when necessary.

The antivirus for Avast Free Business Security organizations is totally free without restriction on the number of administrators and protected devices on the corporate network.

Through technical support for Avast, with the question of licensing Avast Free Business Security 2015, we have received a response that this product can be used in any educational establishment, including schools.

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