Roll The Antivirus Avast On The Coke

Антивирус - Avast!

Скриншот Avast! Free AntivirusAvast! Free Antivirus is a popular free antiviral program for domestic PC. avast! Free Antivirus has a full range of services and tools to fully protect the user from viruses, trojans, espionage modules and other harmful programmes: permanent scanner, file scanner, e-mail verification module, download scan...

In avast! Free Antivirus is installing " carantine " for the isolation of suspicious objects and " pouch " for the isolated launch of applications. The antivirus has a simple, comprehensible user, an interface that can easily access all its parameters.

Other useful properties of avast! Free Antivirus can be distinguished by the following: Eurist moves, pyring checks, internet-messengers checks, deep integration into the system, play mode, small daily updates of virus bases. Another interesting feature of avast! Free Antivirus is voice messages and warnings (including in Russian).

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