Six Months

Cancer antivirus for six months

бесплатный антивирус касперскогоYeah, the title of the article doesn't mislead you, you can download free antivirus Caspersky to your computer and use it for six months. It's a licensed free Yandex version of the Casperian antivirus.

Should there be an antivirus on the computer? The answer to this question must be positive because without antiviral protection, your computer will be the victim of viruses or will be exposed to other harmful effects. Without a barrier, some kind of virus will hit your computer sooner or later, as long as you didn't try to avoid it.

The presence of antivirus is necessary despite the conversation that antivirus is slowing the system, the antivirus computer is starting to glue, etc. In the absence of antivirus on the computer, the consequences could be the saddest. Especially since the antivirus may be intact, and on the modern computer, you will not notice any perceived inconvenience.

бесплатный антивирус касперскогоWhat an antiviral solution depends on your preferences or financial possibilities. Many choose a free anti-virus solution, others buy a feeble version of anti-virus programmes.

In general, fee-paying antiviruses have more power to protect the computer, as free antiviruses may lack some important computer protection modules. You'll have to decide what kind of antivirus chooses on your computer.

Yandex is suggesting that the free Yandex version of the Casperian antivirus that you can use for free six months. After completion of the license, six months later, you can go to a paid full version of the antivirus. Otherwise, you're gonna need to remove the free version that ended the license from your computer.

Use the Yandex version to install a licensed free version of the antivirus of the Casperian people in the countries of the former Soviet Union other than the Baltic States and Georgia.

By reference, you'll be on the downloading site you can download from. Casperian free antivirus On your computer.

Look, with the antivirus, Yandex will suggest you set up the Yandex Elements. If you don't need this extension for the browser, then take the flags off at the appropriate locations when the antivirus is installed on the computer.

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