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Rock kaspersky trial reset 2013 v5 update the license
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Kaspersky KAV/KIS Trial Reset 2013 v5 is an annex that is intended to dump the trial on Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 and Kaspersky Antivirus.

With the help of Trial Reset, you can use the multifunctional version of the antivirus as you wish. But you won't have to break up. Antivirus of Caspersky or try to find the keys to activate.

  • The version was tested for WinXP/Vista/7 (x86/x64).
  • We need Net Framework 4.0.
  • Turn it off.
  • Delete the old key.
  • Start Kaspersky Trial Reset 2013, select 90 or 30 and press Proceed.
  • Start Caspersky and turn on self-defense.


Manifests were added to the application module that would not allow this utilitation to be launched Windows Seven or Windows Vista without the rights of the administrator.

An automatic definition of the operational system language was added. The annex has now become more friendly to users.

The annex added a definition of privileges that automatically check the correctness of the start and avoid the misuse of the system algorithms.

There's only one button here. The annex produces all actions automatically. For example, if you have CRYSTAL, the trial will be used to update it for CRYSTAL. In other words, the application will determine the type of your antivirus and use the algorithm to remove the trial's energies.

If the triala is not successful, the trial drop process is not activated and the user will have a window containing detailed error information.

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