Rolling The Kasper For 30 Days

Step the antivirus kasper on windows 7.
Как установить Касперского на

The Casperian antivirus is one of the best policy options for protecting domestic computers and work stations against harmful programmes (viruses, trojans, adware, etc.). Having achieved a sufficiently high level of security, it requires the allocation of a certain number of systemic resources to work. It is therefore necessary to verify whether the computer meets the requirements before the installation of the antivirusa of the Casperian.

In particular:

  • 480 MB free on hard drive (on the logical section of the operating system).
  • 1GB or more operational memory.
  • Established Windows operating system (XP conversions SP3, Vista SP1 and above, 7 or 8).
  • Internet access.
  • CD/DVD-ROM is also required for CD-ROM installation.

If the computer (button or non-top) fits the minimum system requirements, it may be possible to install, if not, the use of the antivirus should be eliminated because it will be unstable.

We are further waiting for the installer to launch, after which we press the " Remove " button in the open window. In the next step, we agree with licensing and KSN agreements, pushing the " Accept " button twice. We are now patience, and we are waiting for the end of the antivirusa plant. At the end of the installation, we choose to overthrow and move to activation of the programme.

If you have an activation code, turn it in and press " activate " . If not, select the item " Activate the test version of the programme " to use the antivirus during the period 30 days free♪ At the time of the activation, it is necessary to connect to the Internet, or the process will not end.

After the activation, a copy of the Caspersky may be registered or a motion may be missed. In order to complete the installation and launch the programme, the next window needs to press the " Fill " button.

It is important to allow any action of the antivirus installation, if requested by the operating system. It should also be noted that, following the installation of the Caspersky, the best security structures are available and are not necessarily changed in most cases. ruppyright 2016

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