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Top 5 applications for the effective operation of the smartphone. ♪.
Как установить бесплатную
Top 5 applications for effective smartphone operation
More than 60 million Russians use smartphones. The share of smart telephones in general sales has already reached 70 per cent, and the vast majority of gadgets operate on the Android operating system. MegaFon experts have developed a rating of applications that will help many owners build their motto for better work.
No. 1. Get rid of the redneck.
On the Internet, there remain " redundant elements " -- obsolete cookie, kash, logic, history, processes and many others. Over time, these files are not used, but they are remembered. Annex Clean Master's gonna clean it up, and the smartphone goes faster. The instrument will also disengage overheating programmes, show how many other applications weigh with the cash and accelerate the games.
No. 2. Security above
The antivirus should be on the list of mandatory applications on the smartphone from which you're on the Internet. A reliable mobile antivirus for Androids from the Casper Laboratory, MegaFon, offers to be installed free of charge, to be used by team *544#. He'll help protect the smartphone from cyberattacks, spy programmes and viruses. Also, the operator ' s subscribers can establish full Antivirus version for 99 roubles a year.
No. 3. Take care of the battery.
Annex DU Battery Saver can significantly reduce food consumption. It performs a number of useful functions: closes the background processes, removes detailed statistics on the use of the battery, switches, if necessary, power savings profiles. The annex, upon request, scans the memory of excessive energy-consuming services and completes their work and the smartphone will work faster and longer.
No. 4. Brauser Opera Mini
Users sometimes don't know the existence of dedicated wires on the Internet with a smartphone. One of them is Opera Mini for Android. With this browser, the Internet will become more comfortable, the traffic will be cost-effective, and the opening of web pages will be faster by improving speed. Bonus will be able to reduce the pressure on the eyes: the user will be able to change the brightness of the screen directly into the browser.
No. 5. Watch TV.
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