Self-loading of Cape and Signs
Как обновить антивирусник

I'm telling you, I don't like Kaspersky's antiviral. Long time. Also in connection with FSB.
And there's an advertisement in the castle store - free photos of the Kasperian press, but you think you're doing the top on the tank.
It's been a long walk, and last night, he decided not to let it go. I took a picture. Here's the picture.
I came home, took the photos to the digits and dropped it on the computer. And there's some sort of combustible antiviral of Caspersky. And it didn't stop, I had to cut the computer completely.
I understand that in this way, the viruses don't go to the computer through the paper photo, but the coincidence of the orange has made me look sick. Suddenly it's a bad sign, viral.
From 1 July, at the Coron stores (including this Castle) the packages will be paid - 10 cops.

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