Rolling Antivirus To Vindos 8.1

Free antivirus windows
Comodo Internet Security

You have full protection of your device, as well as the possibility of optimizing and re-establishing the system.

Protection is achieved through four antiviral movements:

  • Bitdefender;
  • Avira;
  • QVM II;
  • 360 Cloud Engine.

The additional movement System Repair is responsible for the recovery and optimization of the system.

Sandbox is also provided for an isolated environment from which applications can be launched without risk of harm to the system.

Network attacks are protected:

  • Your purchases;
  • personal data;
  • USB-copyers;
  • Web camera and keyboard.

360 Total Security checks your system for vulnerability, downloading the necessary updates and corrections for sustained work. Wi-Fi security and password reliability; auto loading elements; flames and services are also verified.

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