Rolling Antivirus For Windows Xp

Comodo internet security
Скриншоты Avast Free Antivirus

Antivirus: protection against viruses, worms and other threats.

Anti-Spyware: Detection and disposal of spy programmes.

Anti-Rootkit: Scanning, detecting and removing the handle on your computer.

Bot defense: prevents the use of your computer on the bot-net.

Defense +: Protection of critical system files and blocking of harmful programmes prior to installation.

Anti-Malware destruction of harmful programmes and processes.


Sandbox TechnologyTM

Virtual KioskVirtual environment

COMODO Autorun Analyzer: Launch vehicle analyser

COMODO Cleaning Essentials: Scan and control tool kit.

COMODO KillSwitch: a system monitoring tool.

Simulation, construction and use


To maximize the protection of your computer and personal files, we recommend moving to Comodo Internet Security Complete, which you receive 24-hour technical support and the TrustConnect-protected proxy service providing 128-bit encryption of your requests to any public wire and wireless Wi-Fi networks.
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