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360 total security download free for windows
Скриншот антивируса Eset NOD32

360 Total SecurityCheck the program!
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360 Total Security - a multifunctional antiviral program with a free license. In 24/7, the Antivirus will protect your computer or Windows laptop from evil viruses and all possible harmful programmes. After installation, 360 Total Security, you'll be able to purchase online stores without problems, visit the Internet pages you love, download the files and set up any applications.

Download 360 Total Security It is also worth improving Windows ' work, and it will speed up the downloading process and clean up the disk by removing unnecessary " marsor " .

Specificities of antivirus 360 Total Security

  • Integrated computer protection against all types of threats - anti-viral scanning of the operating system, usb facilities, web visits and downloadable files, protection of personal contacts and online purchases.
  • Special Sandbox environment for remote applications without access to other resources.
  • Restoration of the operating system after undesirable interference with the System Repair module.
  • Optimization of Windows and programs.
  • Removing vulnerable locations in the operating system, Adobe applications, Microsoft Office, Java Runtime Environment - control of the patch and update.
  • Clearance of the hard drive from unnecessary files and the muser.

To ensure the protection of a computer in 360 Total Security uses local antiviral modules Avira and Bitdefender, cloud drive 360 Cloud Engine and QVM II Proactive Protection Module. The highest effectiveness of protection is achieved with continuous Internet connectivity. However, the availability of local antiviral modules can provide sufficient security in the offline. The Annex maintains Russian and has a friendly, understandable interface. 360 Total Security for Windows can be downloaded free of charge and used on our website without restrictions.

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