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How to establish windows7/ windows 8 on macbook rro/ macbook air/ imac + video

The simplest and most accessible way to plant Windows on Mac is to use Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a special application from Apple for WindowsXP/ Windows7, by breaking the hard drive into two sections, one for each system. The transition from one system to another is possible only by rebooting the computer.

To set Windows on your Mac, you'll need:

1 MacBook Rro/ MacBook Air/ IMac with an established Mac OS operating system;

2 USB wearer (at least 4 Gb) or external hard drive)/ DVD disk (with the USB launcher (flakes or external hard drive) transfer all information, since everything on the host will be removed after formatting);

3 Disk with Windows7 operating system or its ISO image ;

4 This article and about an hour of free time.

Attention! If you're going to set Windows with USB flash drives at the end of 2013 and fresh (they use all USB 3.0 ports), you need to use USB 3.0. Otherwise, when the Windows are tired, you won't have USB ports and wireless keyboard.

Turn on your Mac and set up the latest updates. To this end, press the apple (left, top corner) and select "Renewal of the P."

After you've set up all the updates, we'll start the next step, get Boot Camp down. For this, press the search (the bulb in the right upper corner) and write it there. "Boot Camp."among those found, press the Boot Camp.

In the open window of Assistant Boot Camp, read, report and press "live."

In the next window, it's necessary to select constructions for Windows7, more precisely how you're gonna set.

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