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Антивирус Dr.Web LightDr. Web Light - it's a free antivirus to protect your files on Android's phone from viruses, trojans, worms and other harmful programs. Like the computer, there's a system monitoring, quarantine, and a quick, complete and random check.

With the antivirus scanner, Dr. Web Light can make the following checks:

  • Rapid - in this case the specified annexes will be checked;
  • complete - all files are checked;
  • Sample - checking of the system components specified by the user.

All threats identified can be removed or transferred quarantine♪ In the quarantine of each virus, there is detailed information you can look at and choose one of the two actions - to remove or restore the harmful program.

Dr.Web maintains detailed statistics that reflect the number of verified files, identified threats and defused viruses, and a list of actions taken by the user in the programme is also issued.

Permanent anti-virus protection is provided by the inclusion of the SpIDer Guard function. It monitors and sustains system-wide protection.

Like any antivirus, the antiviral base needs to be updated to protect its data from new viruses.

  • Rapid, complete and random testing of the system for viruses.
  • Inclusion and deactivation of monitoring - SpIDer Guard.
  • Dr. Web Light is completely free antivirus for Android.
  • Free updating of the antiviral base.
  • Quarantine for safe storage of harmful programmes.
  • Statistics of proven files and actions by the user.

To protect your smartphone from various threats that might harm your files, Dr.Web Light needs to be downloaded from our website, free, unregistered and texted.

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