Computer Antiviruses

Antivirus programme
компьютерные антивирусы

Antiviral gramme (anti-virus) - a specialized programme for the detection of computer viruses, as well as undesirable (realistically harmful) programmes in general, and for the recovery of infected (modified) files by such programmes, as well as for the prevention of the contamination (modification) of files or operating system with harmful code.

  • Real-time scan of files and programmes.
  • Computer scanning on demand
  • Internet traffic scanning
  • E-mail scan
  • Protection against hostile web sites
  • Recovery of damaged files (retrieval).

For now Antivirus software Support is mainly being developed for Windows family NEOs from Microsoft. This is due to a large number of harmful programmes under this platform (this in turn is due to the high popularity of the LO, as well as to a large number of development tools, including free and even " virus writing instructions " ). Products are now available for other operating systems, such as Linux and Mac OS X. This is due to the beginning of the spread of computer viruses and to these platforms, although UNIX-like systems have traditionally used the reputation of more resistant harmful programmes

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Компьютерный антивирус
Компьютерный антивирус
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