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Avast Free Antivirus

бесплатный антивирус avastCzech company ALWIL Software offers free home use antivirus Avast Free Antiviruswhich has a background monitor and a scanner. The front monitors computer files, e-mails, local network and Internet.

Avast antivirus is downloaded from the ALWIL Software Internet site on the reference below.

Avast antivirus installation No difficulty. The antivirus is automatic in a few minutes.антивирус avast home не зарегистрированный After installation, 30 days are given to register and obtain a free licence for one year.

An antivirus avast can be registered. To record the antivirus, we're going to "service" and we're picking up "Registration" and pressing "Register."

The name and address of the e-mail is sufficient for registration. Internet connections are required to register avast. Avast's free key is for one year. That's not the key to e-mail.

регистрация антивирус avast home бесплатноA unique feature of antivirus avast, which is not available in other anti-virus programmes, is the function of scanning computer files before the operating system is launched. The system shall be cleaned before harmful programmes that are present in the system are able to intensify and harm. This allows antivirus avast to safely remove viruses from the system.

The antivirus avast has different versions of computer scanning: "Express scanning," "Long scanning," "Scanning of removable hosts, "Comple scan of a separate folder."

"Express scan" is a quick form of verification, scanning the contents of the operational memory and some hard drive files.

Special services operate in the background mode antivirus avastwhich are called screens. It's a file system screen, mail, web screen, P2P, chat Internet screen, web screen and conduct screen. It is possible to set different levels of safety.

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