What An Antivirus Is Better For The Laptop

What's the best antivirus?
Какой антивирус лучше для
Лучшие антивирусы по мнению экспертов. Обзор сайта Компьютер Сервис. Today we'll look at the most reliable antiviruses.

Given the reality of the Russian Internet, it is perfectly clear that using a computer without an antivirus is simply dangerous.

The only question is, for what time the virus gets on the computer, as it gets there anyway.
Whatever you use the computer.

But a good antivirus can still protect the computer by 95%. We just need to find out which antiviral program is the most worthy. Let's see the most popular of them and pick them up. What an antivirus is better.


By chance, I started a review of this imputed antivirus, for unknown scientific reasons, it's very popular with Russian users. Although some reasons are still known, many computer masters and users are setting it because of the high availability (as it is conditionally free).

How can an antivirus work, there's not much to ask. He works pretty bad. In addition, it can pass many types of fresh viruses and even elementary text-banners, it is also known to block and remove the network components of the operating system, taking them for the virus! As a result, the user ceases to operate on the Internet, wi-fi, etc. Antivirus works slowly with computer brakes.

Well, quality at 3--


A fast-paid antivirus that doesn't slow down your computer. But there are small claims to the quality of security. So he can miss some kind of viruses. There is also a problem where this antivirus blocks the Windows operating system files, completely shutting off network connections (internet et al.)

General antivirus evaluation - 4.


It's a good paid antivirus and we don't know any comments about his work. Maybe not a very big antiviral base. He works fast and without mistakes. There's nothing else to say about him.

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Какой антивирус лучше?
Какой антивирус лучше?
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