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Microsoft security essentials - free antivirus for windows
AVG Free Edition (64 bit)

Windows-7-x64-2009-10-06-23-26-39.pngSecurity Essentials available for free download in three versions: 32-bit for Windows XP, 32-bit and 64-bit for Windows Vista / Seven (squeak), unfortunately, the Russian version is not yet available. Attention is drawn to the obscure small size of the installation file: 8, 61 Mb for XP and 4, 28 / 4, 71 Mb for 32 / 64 battle versions under Vista / Seven. I want to burn down the owners of the Windows pirate copies, the program conducts the verification of the authenticity of the LOs and is established only with its success.

Windows-7-x64-2009-10-06-23-27-11.pngFirst, we decided to read the 64-bit version, setting it on Windows 7 RC1. It was encouraging that the version was truly 64-bit, which should have a positive impact on the speed and reliability of the decision. This also gives a serious advantage to competitions on platform x64. It's not a secret that most people. anti-virus programmes for the 64-bit platform remain 32-bit, working in programme emulation (WoW64), which is potential vulnerabilityBecause a 64-bit virus can be quite capable of using the first stage of protection (anthyvirus monitor that operates through a driveway with the same decoration as the system) as being " incurable " because the 32-bit application will not be able to access the 64-bit code. Although it's more theoretical construction, the real 64-bit contagion is so small that it can't be found in the day with fire.

The programme ' s interface is very concise and does not overload the user ' s unnecessarily information, but all necessary data are available (base protection and relevance).

The constructions represent the golden midway - they're small, but all the necessary is present. Customary users will be able to make default settings, for the more experienced it is possible to make exceptions, to act when different types of harmful objects are discovered, etc.

mse.PNG Windows-XP-Professional-2009-10-07-00-06-02.png Windows 7 x64-2009-10-06-23-53-41.png Windows-7-RC1-x86-2009-10-07-10-45-20.png
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