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Avg antivirus free 2016 16.91.7690 download free of charge
Скачать антивирус Windows

AVG AntiVirus FREE 2016 is an effective and fast free antivirus. Provides basic protection against viruses, trojans, spies and other harmful programmes. The new version includes Windows 10 support and clouded file reputation services

AVG AntiVirus FREE is a popular free antivirus. Rapid, efficient and user-friendly antivirals.

Provides high computer productivity and uploads of updates on the latest threats.

Antivirus, anti-spion, improved anti-trust protects against the receipt and unintentional spread of even the most dangerous viruses (routes) and espionage programmes. AVG LinkScanner with Surf-Shield module provides basic protection when visiting Internet sites.

Includes improved productivity and speed, " exposed " file reputation system, new Windows 8 user interface, AVG Self-Protection System.

New to AVG AntiVirus FREE 2016

New opportunities

  • Real-time Outbreak Detection: Real-time cloud protection enables new harmful objects to be detected instantly through intellectual cloud scanning technology.
  • AI Detection: Use advanced intellectual technology and multiple data sources to identify new real-time threats before AVG has been able to analyse the harmful specimen.

Other improvements

  • Full compatibility with Microsoft Windows operating system 10.
  • Updated installation master for all products: faster and easier navigation, pleasant interface design.
  • The anti-virus base is automatically updated as soon as a new version is available.

AVG AntiVirus FREE 2016

• AntiVirus (Antivirus). Free antivirus AVG protects computers against viruses, internet worms and trojans.

Anti-Spyware (antichpione) The AVG antispion protects the computer against espionage, advertising and other harmful software.

• Anti-Rootkit. The Anti-Rootkit programme component allows searching for rolls hidden in the operating system.

• Resident Shield. Resident Shield operates under the background and scans all files with which work is currently under way.

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