Antiviral Computer Protection


Protection against viruses is hardly the most relevant task at the time in the computer industry. The damage to computer viruses can be very significant, and in order to avoid loss, the best solution will be to establish an antivirus in advance for comprehensive computer protection.

Antiviral computer protectiontypically includes a range of tools to prevent harmful acts of a different nature. There are many anti-virus protection programmes in the market that differ in price, speed, quality of anti-virus bases and other parameters. These include:

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security
  2. ESET NOD32
  3. Norton Antivirus
  4. Dr. Web
  5. Avast

If you're interested in free antiviral protection, at your service, a personal version of the Avast program. Although this antivirus has some limitations compared to commercial versions, it provides an adequate level of anti-virus protection for the computer and can be boldly recommended for use if there is no desire to pay for the commercial version.

If you decided to purchase a licensed copy anti-virus programmebut we haven't made a choice yet, we can recommend the antiviral protection of the Casperian. She's been a long time in the market and so far the most demanded by our clients. The price of the Kassperian antivirusa licence for two computers is 1,600 roubles for the first year and 990 for each subsequent ( Internet Security). If you're not an active Internet user, you'll find a standard version of the Casperian antivirus that's cheaper, but provides a good level of protection against computer contamination through the external media.

There are antiviral protection programmes that do not require installation. For example, Kaspersky Live CD. You can just put it on a CD and get it out of there without any installation!

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