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How to build avira to work neospy

Before the installation begins, the antivirus Avira should be deactivated, as it can define the programme ' s disguise and auto loading as dangerous actions.
Then continue the installation.

Adding the program to the white list.

After installation, we need to add a program to the white list of antivirus.

Then turn on the antivirus and continue working with the program.

Instruction on the exclusion of proactive protection

The same action should be done if after the NeoSpy programme has been downloaded, the launch has a message called "Not an Annex Win32."

Avira Internet Security

(1) Open the main window of antivirus (Control Center).
(2) In the menu, go to the section "Servis" and pick up the location of the building, or press F8.
(3) Turn on the box "Manage expert."
(4) Turning a tree into a deposit, moving to Scaner-Scanning-Death.
(5) By launching the button... by throwing a folder with the program (usually C:NeoSpy) and pressing the button to add that folder to the list of exceptions.
(6) Do the same thing on "Protection" - "Scanning" - "Deaths."

Files to be exceptional:

  • C: NeoSpymain.exe
  • C:NeoSpy spl.dll
  • C:NeoSpyhl.dll
  • C:NeoSpyshr.dll
  • C!

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