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Casperian Antivirus (Yandex version)
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The antivirus of Caspersky (Yandex Version) is the joint product of the Casperian and Yandex Laboratory. The original antivirus was probably developed without Yandex's involvement, but it was presented jointly, which resulted in its free activation for six months and an additional commercial from Yandex.

Indeed, the main difference between this version and the standard is that you can use it free for six months. There was a slight change in the interface - a change in the forming color and added the Yandex logo. At the time of installation, Yandex.Bar will be added to your system, starting page and searching from Yandex, unless, of course, you remove the appropriate boxes at the installation stage.

A little descriptive of antivirus. He hasn't changed compared to the standard version. File scanner checks antiviral database files. Additional safety levels provide the Activity Monitoring modules and Proactive Protection. They can detect even those viruses and harmful programmes that are not yet available in the signature base. It's a component called Web Antivirus. He's very effective in blocking most of the ads online, providing you with websites free of banners and dangerous emerging pages.

Total Antivirus is good.well-reliable, and now you can get a key for six months entirely free. The limitations are that there is no technical support for this version.

For Windows XP:

  • 800 MHz or higher processor;
  • 512 Mb of free operational memory.

For Windows Vista and Windows 7:

  • Processor with frequency 1 GHz 32 beats (x86)/64 beats (x64) or higher;
  • 1 Free operational memory (x32) or 2 Gb of free operational memory (x64).


  • About 480 Mb of free space on hard drive (depending on the size of anti-virus bases);
  • Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0 or above;
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