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Windows 10: How to fix the slow download problem after

Windows 10: как исправить проблему с медленной загрузкой после бесплатного обновленияMany say that when the system is too slow to download after being upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and 8.1.

It has already been confirmed that downloading problems arise not because of the large size of the new operating system, but because of harmful programmes and non-optimised launch lines.

Microsoft has not yet released an update that will correct this error, but there is simply a way to speed up the download of the Windows operating system 10.

How to fix the slow download of Windows 10

Step 1. Windows 10 is still a fairly vulnerable system without adequate protection against harmful programmes, especially if you don't have antivirus, and you haven't scanned the system after updating. So, first of all, launch a complete scan of the system with the antiviral software you use and remove all viruses from the system.

Step 2. Press Ctrl+Shift+ESC to open the Dispatch. Pick up the input of the Loading Card and clear up the applications from the list, whichever is loaded on the system. Cancel all those programmes that have high impact on loading.


For example, you can easily disconnect the services of the AMD and Nvidia Drivers from the Undamaged Cargo for the graphics and productivity of the system.

How to disable FastStartup and optimize Windows 10 loads

Step 1. Windows 10 activates rapid downloading and switching through special constructions that can be found in the Electric Power Plants. The fast start can be activated from the Control Panel, the power supply menu.

Step 2. Choose the " Catering buttons " in the column on the left, then press the " Change of parameters that are now inaccessible " . New developments will emerge in the completion parameters. Put a line on the front of the quick launch and press the " Keep change " .

Step 3. Reboot the computer and light the Win+R as soon as the desk gets here. Introduce " services.msc " in the " Fill " dialogue window and press Enter.

Step 4. Pay attention to the list of services that continue to be launched. Squeeze their right button of mouse and change the designs from the standard to the delayed launch, then press "Conserve."

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