How To Establish An Antivirus Avast

How to install avast fries
русский антивирус avast free 8

Antivirus Avast! Free is a free antivirus with very powerful protection of your computer. In the market, there is a worthy competition for paid antiviral bags. The nucleus of the most modern technology provides very reliable protection against various harmful software (trails, pens, worms, spy programmes, lockers) and the loco warns the reputation of the file prior to its opening. Sandbox (available in a fee-paying version) allows Internet pages to be viewed and suspicious programmes launched in a virtual isolated environment, thus limiting possible harmful effects on the system.

Starting from the fifth version of the product, a new kernel of euristics has been included in the antivirus, which is designed to prevent the detection of harmful POs for which no definition exists. The core of this antiviral package allows for the coverage of binary and crypt harmful programmes. The antivirus Avast works much faster on modern multi-nuclear processors, the processing of individual large files is broken between several nucleus, making the system verification process much faster.

Let's take a look at the Avast antivirus plant. Free:

1. Some necessary actions should be taken before the installation of the Avast antivirus. First of all, close all the programs and applications that are currently on the computer. Make sure your PC doesn't have any other antiviral bags. So you have an antivirus distributor Avast! Free (preliminarily downloaded from the site and stored on hard drive), click twice the left button of mice and launch the programme design process. Choose the Russian language and press the next.

2. In the next window, you can remove the box near the offer to take part in the life of the Avast community so that no anonymous information can be collected. Press next.

3. In the next stage, you are requested to select a target folder for the installation of an antiviral bag. If you're a starting user, you can leave the way as C:Programm Files/AVAST SofrwareAvast. Press next.

4. Then there's a window of the Avast Recommendations. It is proposed that a Google Chrome browser be added. If you don't need it, don't put a tie. Press the button next.

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