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Элементы защиты Kaspersky Internet SecurityThere are only four options on the first screen.

  1. Scanning.
  2. Updating.
  3. Safe payments.
  4. Parental control.

To gain access to an expanded list of tools, a arrow should be clicked in the right lower corner of the programme interface. Color-schem in bright, untouchable tones, but the traditional style of the Casperian is preserved.

Antiviral protection is significantly strengthened compared with previous versions. If only 99 per cent of the threats were detected by the Casperian 2014, the 2015 version showed 100 per cent protection. In the testing process, virtually all possible infections were eliminated before the computer system was damaged.

A small problem arises when dealing with archives. Viruses are not detected in a concise manner. Instantly blocked and neutralized when trying to open the archives.

When antivirus is detected, the user is immediately informed of the threat. Programme productivity has improved. Now, Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 is much smaller in the process of recruiting hardware. When the operating system is downloaded, the launch length shall be increased by only 20 per cent. Which is pretty good for such a powerful antivirus.

What's new in Kaspersky Internet Security 2015

There was a useful solution to prevent unauthorized connections to the webcam. The special module will alert the user when trying to remove the image through the camera. It is true that, so far, this option only works with the 10 web cameras of the most famous producers.

Innovative protection against harmful Cryptolocker. The Casperian has a module called the System Observer, which monitors attempts to change user files on a hard computer disk.

When such attempts are detected, antivirus provides backup copies of the attacked files, with the possibility of their eventual recovery in original form.

Improved firewall designs allow the transmission of unencrypted passwords through Wi-Fi. The wireless compound itself is scanned for vulnerability.

Internet protection

Module URL Advisor adds security badges directly to website snipes on the search engine page - preventive protection. The user will find out about a potentially dangerous site before loading it into a browser.

The level of protection from the physingue is improved. In the introduction of search and clicking addresses in electronic letters, the antivirus compares addresses with databases and simultaneously analyses content. In case of smallest doubt, the transition to a suspicious resource is blocked. The Pashing Protection System has operated at 80 per cent on the test, and in this, the Casperian is superior to all competitors.

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