How To Remove The Vault Virus And Cure The Computer

Vault virus as recovery of files

Вирус Vault зашифровал файлыVault is a file encryption, replacing the expansion of documents and files on its own, after which it is impossible to open them. So we'll figure out in detail how to repair the files of the Vault virus.

When we hit the computer, Wault's virus starts to encryption files with expansion and many others. Once the files are contaminated, the files will continue to be expanded, but the extension will be added to them. Naturally, after a meeting with such an interesting virus, the user will at least enter the stage and find ways to reopen encrypted files and restore them. Regrettably, we'll have to disappoint you, because a simple and free decision to restore Vault files doesn't exist because of the technical characteristics of the encryption itself. Anyway, everything's on order.

Тип файла VaultHow Vault can get on the computer.

The Vault virus usually hits the computer after the user opened a letter to the e-mail, which says it needs to be opened and read urgently. It's usually a letter sent on behalf of a bank, partners or just some spam. In fact, it contains a violin with an expansion of .js, which initiates the process of downloading the coder from the hacker servers.

It's important to note that coder Vault - this is not a prohibited cryptographic application GPG using rsa-1024 algorithms to encrypt files. The application itself is not supposed to be a virus, so Anti-virus programmes They won't intercept him. After the encryption guy starts operating on your computer, he'll immediately create an open encryption key on your computer, and a closed key will be installed on the fraudster server. We'll also note that in a number of cases the software is capable of contaminating computers that are on the same network with your already infected.

Removal of Vault encryption

As soon as you've noticed on your files the expansion of .vault, you're gonna cut off the network, you're gonna stop doing the work in the applications, you don't have to open the files again. Reload and enter safe mode.

It's easy to remove the software - just hit Google's search. But that doesn't solve the problem, it just starts, unfortunately.

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