How To Cure An Infected Computer

How to cure a computer from viruses on their own
Как перевести компьютер в

Despite the variety of anti-virus devices and their reliability, no anti-virus guarantee 100 per cent protection against infection. Let's see how the infected computer can be restored.

If it turns out that the computer is defeated by the virus, the most important thing is not to panic or take any unthinkable actions and " sudden movements " (files, reboot computers, etc.). Remember, in most cases, it is possible to avoid such situations without special loss, but only when all actions have been carefully considered. Anyway, the virus infection is not the worst thing that could happen to the computer.

One of the most unpleasant situations is when you refuse to download a computer or an operating system. The reason why the computer is not loaded at all can be damage to the BIOS virus. Novices are recommended not to experiment themselves but to seek assistance from professionals. In such cases, the census of BIOS microschems is often carried out, and this requires considerable experience and skills.

If the virus has not failed BIOS, but only a few have adjusted the parameters of its construction, which has caused problems with computer downloading, it is best to restore the default BIOS structures. To this end, it is necessary to enter BIOS (mostly immediately after the computer has been activated, the key should be pressed and retained, but other keyboards, such as F-2, can be used on laptops and a team can be carried out. The name of the team depends on the BIOS version, but in any case it's not hard to find (it may be called Fail-Safe Defaults or Load BIOS Defaults).

Most often, the computer is downloading normally and Windows isn't. The first thing to try in such a situation is to download the system in one of the additional modes (to select the mode, when in the loading menu interface, press the F8 plate) - the menu of the loading mode will open.

The first mode recommended for selection is the loading mode of the last successful configuration. The point is that Windows will be loaded with the parameters and constructions used in the last successful launch.

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