Avast Fries Antivirus

Avast free antivirus 2016
Avast Free Antivirus (Аваст

The scanning module was optimized to scan the EXE file twice as fast as possible, while the rate of scanning the text contents (web pages and documents) is 10 times higher!

At least 250 micro-renewals of the viral database every day (measured with a simple text message, every 3-5 minutes) give you protection in real time against zero-day threats.

We're getting better! STATEMENT
We significantly reduced the installation file (almost twice), so avast! And the installation process was simplified to one click, no difficulty. Online installer guarantees that you will always have the last version of avast!

After the success of the previous interface avast, we listened to your feedback and improved it further. We have simplified the buttons of navigation and action, and we have built the Navy in one place.
We're getting better! PROTECTION OF EXPRANES
In the 2014 version, we reduced the number of screens to three, the Eckran file system, Web screen and Eckran mail. Webcast contains the functions of the Network screen and the Ekran of scenarios, while the Ekran file system contains the functions of Ekran of Internet chat and Ekran P2P. Reducing the number of screens makes their use simpler and rationalizes their communication.

Supported operational systems

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8/8.1 (one version except Starter Edition and RT)
  • Windows 7 (other than Starter Edition)
  • Windows Vista (other than Starter Edition)

Minimum requirements

  • Microprocessor Pentium 3
  • 256 Mb of operational memory
  • 2 Gb of free disc space

We note that antivirus only works for the PC under Windows XP and more new LOs. Windows operating systems are not supported by older versions (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000).

We also notice that avast will work incorrectly if there is another. Antiviral software security on your PC.

Simple use and automated daily updates, including flux(s) provide assurance on the verification of data from all harmful and spying programmes. Just set it up and forget it. We created avast light and simple for use.

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