Paragon Backup and Recovery LogoIn our previous article we looked at how to create an image with Paragon Backup and Recovery. Basically, we discussed how to create a photocopy of your hard drive and place it in an alternate location (preferably an external hard drive) for safe keeping.

Well, today Computer Repair Vancouver is going to discuss how to take that image and deploy it (basically paste it onto a given location). Perhaps you want to make an exact copy of one of your machines. In this case, you would be deploying the image (imaging) onto another computer. Perhaps, instead, there are problems with the PC which you created the image from. In this case you want to simply reimage this machine (take an older image of a particular computer and place it back onto the very same computer). No matter what you wish to do, simply follow along.

Before we begin our discussion it is important to remind you, once again, that imaging computers can be potentially dangerous. Generally when you choose to image a machine you are telling it that you want to completely erase it and place a new set of data on it. This can, and sometimes does, create problems. Therefore, like usual we recommend that you backup vital files onto USB or CDs/DVDs. Also, if you are at all uncertain, make sure to access a technologically knowledgeable friend or family member. The last thing you want to do is create more problems than you solve.

Computer Repair Vancouver’s Guide to Deploying an Image

  1. Log onto the computer where you want to deploy the image you have already saved.
  2. Hook up the external hard drive (containing the image) to this computer. If you did not place the image on an external hard drive – as members of Computer Repair Vancouver suggested last time- then you will need to do whatever is necessary to make the image accessible to this computer.
  3. Go to the Paragon Backup and Recovery homepage if it is not already on your computer. If Paragon Backup and Recovery is already on the computer you wish to image, start it up and proceed to step 7.
  4. Choose the Free Download link (just like last time)
  5. Click on the Free Download button and then Download Now.
  6. Upon download, choose to install the program. Once this has been completed, start Paragon Backup and Recovery up.
  7. Go to the Wizards menu and choose Restore
    Restore Image Menu
  8. Click on the Next button
  9. Click the Switch to File View link. This way you can traverse your operating system looking for the image. Navigate to the folder where the image is located. If you followed the advice of Computer Repair Vancouver then it will likely be on I: or J:. Once you have found the appropriate folder click on the Next button.
  10. Click the image you want to deploy and click on the Next button (it is much easier to choose the appropriate image if you label them uniquely upon creation – we tend to like including the day, month, and year when the image was created as well as a little bit of extra information such as the operating system)
    Image Selection Menu
  11. Click on the drive which you would like to image. It is very important that you choose the correct drive! Why? Because this hard drive will be erased and replaced with the data from your image. In general, it is C: which you are imaging since this is your computer’s default hard drive location. If you are not sure, however, consult a technical expert in your area (a friend or family member perhaps).
  12. Once you have selected the appropriate drive to deploy on, click the Next button.
  13. A few options will come up. We generally ignore these and simply click on Next.
  14. Click on the Finish button
  15. Everything has been set up; however, the imaging has not yet occurred. In order to actually deploy the image onto your computer click on the Apply button. State that you do wish to commit this transaction.
    Apply Button
  16. Since you are deploying an image onto a hard drive which is already being used (it is being used by you right now as you look at your operating system) you will need to restart your machine when Paragon Backup and Recovery asks you.
  17. Upon restart you will see a Paragon window load up. Do not turn your computer off until it has finished. If you turn your machine off you may place your computer in a bad state where it is unable to load at all. Generally, it is best to be patient. Simply get up and walk away from your PC for a while (staring at the screen will not accomplish the task any faster).
  18. When your computer automatically restarts you will find one of two things. The system starts fine or you get an error screen upon startup. If you get the former, congratulations, you have successfully deployed an image. If you get the latter, a problem has occurred and this image is likely no good (unfortunately, this happens). In this case we would advise you to create an image with a different program.


Hopefully you have found this guide on the use of Paragon Backup and Recovery useful and informative. If you have any questions regarding the instructions simply email us. Furthermore, make sure to come and visit Computer Repair Vancouver again as we begin a discussion on a new topic in short order.